The Sakuro Experience

Music is my religion.

Dancing is my meditation.

Singing connects me to the source.

Producing is my divine creational power.

On stage I let go all my limitations, becoming one with my soul, my higher self.

In that very moment the oneness is inside and all around me.




I want to offer a magical experience to the audiences. A ritual, a ceremony, a magical sound journey into emotions and mind states, outside and inside worlds, organic and technical sounds, Downtempo and Techno, Raps and Chants, places and states you have never been before to show you who you really are.




We don’t have to walk our paths alone, that’s why everybody is invited to join the experience with listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments.

Mics, Ableton, instruments and a good sound system – that’s all what’s needed.


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Holy Mountain Studios

The voice is the gate between the inside and the outside world.

The character of a human being is reflected by the voice, every vibration tells its personal story.


Every voice is unique and my task is to make this uniqueness being heard in the best way possible. For that I am using my ten years experience in recording, mixing and mastering, as well as my insights into human nature and conduct an extensive conversation about everybody’s vision I am going to record.

Listening is the best way to get both the vision and the voice being presented best in a song.



Hip-Hop is the genre where I come from, so most of my clients are rappers.

You want that robotic futuristic sound? Ok, Auto-Tune.

You want that old school Boombap sound? Ok, Vinyl.



You wanna sing? Ok, let’s put some Reverb on it.

You wanna sound like nobody else? Ok, let’s find your own trademark sound!



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Cacao Ceremonies

I will teach you how to love

Since four years mama cacao accompanies my path as a teacher plant.

We since built up a stable relationship and the deva told me to spread her beautiful effects to the world.



With her soft, warmly, inviting spirit she opens up our hearts and lets all stuck emotions flow.


A myth from the old Aztecs says that she always comes to the people if they stand to lose the connection to the divine mother earth and their own nature.




It’s not surprising that she joins us in this day and age so let us listen to her secrets and messages ❤



For my ceremonies I use high quality wild growing raw cacao from Bolivia, Equador and Peru. 


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Sakuro was born on the first Sunday of Advent in November 1993.

After spending his childhood days in a huge green space with many animals and surrounded by the spirits of nature he soon started to use his voice and recorded sounds to keep magic moments and states alive.

In the age of 14 he founded his first Hip-Hop-crew, Sounds Goood Productions with the rappers Slex, CyM, Fortune For and Chérubin, former M-Jay. During this time he learned how to produce and mix Hip-Hop music and became a prime address for people interested in recording Hip-Hop-vocals.




After moving to Berlin to study Musicology, he founded his first non-verbal project, Cayodi, which was heavily influenced by the Berlin Techno Culture and its tribal aspects. Experimenting with psychedelics changed his view on music and he tried to put these states into his songs.

As consciousness grew Sakuro more and more found the magic of his former drug experiences in the music itself and his vision of a Magical Sound Journey became clearer.



Back in Marburg he continued studying art history, media science and musicology and finally invented the Sakuro Experience project, combining his voice with tribal, electronic beats and live performed instruments.

Since then he released four studio albums:


Wir Kinder Vom Gleis 9 3/4




Bass 4 Ya Soul


Tales From The Bassground


There will be more non-verbal music releases following in winter 2019/20 on Berlin based Downtempo and Electronic music labels. Stay tuned!


Sakuro established himself as an artist who is looking for solutions regarding nowadays performance practices with combining characteristics of a concert with those of a DJ-set.

The result is a magical sound journey you probably have never heard before.


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